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What we do

Think of our design and development team as the visual voice for your brand. In a world where words on a page alone won’t cut it, our creative design team is on hand to elevate your website and better engage with your customers. We deliver effective visual results across a multitude of areas, from content marketing campaigns and paid advertising to CRO and branding improvements. 

How we do it


Early Integration

Sometimes, design can feel added in haste at the end of a project. We work differently; our team gets involved early. From the offset, we benefit from their extensive experience and skill set, ensuring each project has creativity and audience engagement at the forefront.



Our work doesn’t just look good; it’s functional too. By applying a data-driven lens to our creativity, we reinforce our stylistic decisions with the research and knowledge of our colleagues. The result? A creative solution that looks great, is useable and drives customer engagement.


Latest Technology

We expand our creative skills as technology develops and new tools are released. Having the freedom to explore new technologies and build the most relevant ones into how we work allows us to deliver the best quality creative assets quickly, to utilise marketing budgets.

What we aim to achieve

As competition for customers increases, the design and development of your website becomes increasingly crucial. If your website looks dated, if it doesn’t offer the functionality your customers want or if it’s doing the bare minimum in terms of content design, you can bet those customers won’t hang around for long. 

With our design and development services, we aim to make visual improvements to your website to better capture the attention of your audience. Nothing is left to chance; our data-driven approach leaves less room for error, ensuring none of your marketing budget is wasted.

How do we integrate with your team?

Our design and development team supports all of our internal teams here at Evolved. The team provides a creative perspective that elevates the data focus of our other teams, providing a perfect balance for your campaign and acting as the complete creative package.

Likewise, we’ll work closely with your own marketing, design and development teams. By harnessing our design and development expertise and marrying it to your brand knowledge and experience, we can collaborate on projects to truly amplify your brand. 

See our service in action


Growth in the connected car era: Enhancing Nextbase's global presence

Nextbase is a market leader in connected car technology and driving intelligence, and one of the largest smart dash cam brands in the world.

The company is known for its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, particularly in the realm of smart dash cams. These devices not only contribute to vehicle safety but also integrate seamlessly with modern vehicles to enhance the overall driving experience.

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Sailing to success: Anchoring Rightboat’s organic growth

Rightboat are a luxury online marketplace, connecting boat buyers and sellers. They boast a leading database of boats and are determined to make the process of buying, and selling, easier and more efficient.

In a world where boating is becoming ever-popular and more people are looking to experience the thrill of open water, Rightboat is a one-stop shop for speaking to experts and stepping into the boating world. To that end, they approached us to help further position them as a market leader.

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Angelic Diamonds

The journey to a diamond-sharp backlink profile for Angelic Diamonds

Angelic Diamonds is an e-commerce jewellery store that specialises in crafting diamond jewellery, including engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, and more.

The customer-focused jewellery company has a simple concept of designing and manufacturing all products in their warehouse to marry up high-quality diamonds with affordability.

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