The journey to a diamond-sharp backlink profile for Angelic Diamonds

Angelic Diamonds is an e-commerce jewellery store that specialises in crafting diamond jewellery, including engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, and more.

The customer-focused jewellery company has a simple concept of designing and manufacturing all products in their warehouse to marry up high-quality diamonds with affordability.

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The Brief

Before Evolved, Angelic Diamond’s link-building strategy was rather ad-hoc, and the backlink profile lacked strength in terms of both quantity and quality.

Our goal for Digital PR was to strengthen the backlink profile by acquiring high-quality backlinks, from plenty of new domains with a focus on category-specific links, where natural.

Our Approach

In our link-building strategy, we placed a strong focus on enhancing the quality of our backlink profile. When the client first approached us, we began by disavowing low-quality links that had the potential to either have a minimal impact or harm the organic performance. Subsequently, our efforts shifted towards building a robust backlink profile for We achieved this through a combination of HERO, proactive, and reactive campaigns.

The Viral “Pumpkin Spice Ring”

Angelic Diamonds - Pumpkin Spiced Latte Ring

One of our standout HERO campaigns was the “Pumpkin Spice Ring,” a creative concept designed to showcase what an engagement ring for pumpkin spice enthusiasts might look like. This campaign created demand and brand-new searches for the worlds-first pumpkin spice ring, featured in publications and shows around the world, including The Drew Barrymore Show and The Late Late Show in the US. It resulted in 57 organic links and a total of 339 links, some of which were syndicated across various other websites. When considering the unique monthly visitors on all these sites, the cumulative total reached an impressive 4.22 billion!

Positioning Angelic Diamond as an engagement ring expert in the press

Angelic Diamonds press coverage

Another successful campaign approach on this client campaign involved positioning Angelic Diamonds as an expert on engagement ring valuations, driving highly relevant and trusted backlinks to the engagement ring category.

Our strategy involved promptly responding to celebrity engagement announcements by providing Angelic Diamond’s valuations for popular celebrities’ jewellery. We assessed the potential value of the engagement rings and proactively reached out to journalists, supplying them with figures to include in their articles about the engagements and the featured rings. This campaign approach led to the creation of 29 organic links and a total of 60 links, further enhancing their backlink profile.

Highlight coverage

Overall, we have built over 500 topically relevant and highly trusted links since we began working with the brand in February 2022, 121 of which are organic, from 90 unique domains.

Stand-out publications of high value include Cosmopolitan, Elle, NYPost, TimeOut, PopSugar, Hello, PageSix, Huffington Post UK, Brides, GQ Magazine, National Jeweler, The Richest, National Association of Jewellers, JCK Online, and International Gemological Institute.

The Results

As we continue to work on the necessary updates for both onsite content and technical aspects of the website, we’ve placed a significant emphasis on improving Angelic Diamonds’ backlink profile.

To provide some context, Angelic Diamonds’ competitors have been achieving remarkable results in the industry when it comes to organic, non-branded traffic. Angelic Diamonds now boasts the fourth-best backlink profile, characterised by a substantial number of high-quality domains, each having a Trust Flow of 30 or more.

Comparing the quality of backlink profile’s in the jewellery industry

It’s worth noting that while The Diamond Store has a backlink profile of comparable quality, they have over 100k more estimated organic, non-branded traffic. This disparity highlights that there are other factors influencing organic, non-branded traffic beyond just a strong backlink profile. This aligns with us prioritising onsite content and technical improvements for Angelic Diamonds as we move forward.

We’ve made significant improvements to Angelic Diamonds’ backlink profile since they joined us in February 2022. Initially, the site had only 78 domains with a Trust Flow of 40 or above pointing to, this has now increased to 152.

Increasing Angelic Diamond’s number of quality linking domains by 95%

In our industry, a Trust Flow of 40+ is considered high quality. Here’s a comparison to demonstrate the percentage of low-quality domains below TF 10 and high-quality domains (TF 40+) for each site:

What’s particularly interesting is that Angelic Diamonds now possesses the second-strongest backlink profile when it comes to the percentage of low-quality links among our competitors. This is a noteworthy achievement and reflects the substantial progress we’ve made in enhancing their backlink profile quality.

It’s important to understand that a website will naturally gather a multitude of lower-quality links, often without the involvement of digital PR efforts. Not all of these links require disavowal. We did actually selectively disavow those of lower quality that had the potential to negatively affect Angelic Diamond’s site performance, whilst also proactively building on the quantity of high-quality links to shift the percentage distribution in our favour.

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