Sailing to success: Anchoring Rightboat’s organic growth

Rightboat are a luxury online marketplace, connecting boat buyers and sellers. They boast a leading database of boats and are determined to make the process of buying, and selling, easier and more efficient.

In a world where boating is becoming ever-popular and more people are looking to experience the thrill of open water, Rightboat is a one-stop shop for speaking to experts and stepping into the boating world. To that end, they approached us to help further position them as a market leader.

Campaign Highlights
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The Brief

Rightboat approached us with the goal of establishing themselves as a recognised authority within the industry. Their primary objectives included increasing website traffic and enhancing brand visibility. To achieve this, they aimed to expand their listings and, consequently, needed to ensure that their site reached the right audience.

In addition to this, Rightboat sought to strengthen their backlink profile, with a specific focus on the US market. This strategic emphasis on building a robust profile of backlinks would contribute to their credibility and influence within the maritime industry.

Our Approach

To, ultimately, increase traffic to Rightboat and boost the visibility of the brand, we implemented a digital PR approach that focused on targeting the US market. This approach was broken down into two key areas: 

  • Increasing the rate at which high-quality backlinks are generated 
  • Increasing the number of relevant referring domains from boating and travel publications

With that in mind, we conducted a thorough backlink analysis to understand where Rightboat ranked against competitors in terms of backlinks and, as such, how many of those backlinks included high-quality sites. 

With this wide understanding of the industry, we created a list of target sites – focusing on US outreach – and crafted campaigns around topics, such as boating and travel, to acquire relevant, referring domains. 

We developed a range of HERO, proactive and reactive campaigns, with some stand-out results. 

The Natural Wonders Index 

We analysed over 300,000 TripAdvisor reviews to reveal the world’s best beaches with the most natural wonders, such as marine life, cleanliness, water and overall beauty with some intriguing results! 

To target US publications, we identified the best beaches in the US to spot natural wonders, pairing the campaign with expert commentary from the experts at Rightboat to demonstrate E-E-A-T, further helping to position them as the leading authority in the industry. 

This campaign resulted in 43 relevant links including iNews, Komando, MSN and Yahoo. 

Boatlife: How living on water compares to living on land 

In a world where more people are downsizing than ever, we calculated the costs of living on water compared to living on land and the results were astounding. So much so that this proactive campaign generated significant results for Rightboat, including: 

  • 52 overall links 
  • Features in Business Insider, Insider, Travel+Leisure, Thrillist, TimeOut, US Time Today and The Street 
  • This campaign continues to gain coverage across the US, six months after the launch 

The cost of chartering Below Deck’s yachts 

Below Deck has fast become one of the world’s most popular reality shows. So as the latest series of Below Deck Down Under approached, we analysed just how much it would cost to charter the iconic yachts from the show for a reactive campaign. We even looked at how much you are expected to tip for anyone curious…

This timely campaign generated 15 topical links, including Robb Report and Cheat Sheet. 

The Pink Pearl Yacht 

2023 was a big year for the colour pink, as we all know. In response to the trending movie news of 2023, the reactive campaign, the Pink Pearl Yacht, was born. We created the visual elements and crafted this product to place Rightboat right at the centre of the film conversation.

This campaign was so popular, it even featured in Thrillist! 

In addition to the above campaigns, we also continued to push Rightboat as the authority in the industry via expert commentary, and landing links on relevant sites such as Luxury Travel Magazine.

The Results

When Rightboat joined us, a significant portion of their backlinks were low-quality (defined by Trust Flow). By prioritising building backlinks of high-quality and trust, we successfully reduced the percentage ratio of lower-quality links. This strategy aimed to demonstrate to Google that the site is an authority and a trusted expert in its niche.

Our aim was to focus on strengthening Rightboat’s backlink profile and elevating the brand by targeting relevant and high-quality referring domains – with a particular focus on US publications. 

Key digital PR outcomes:

Our strategic, digital PR approach generated over 128 backlinks, including 79 highly trusted domains over a six month period. We were able to improve the number of unique organic trusted domains pointing to Rightboats backlink profile by 136% during this time

Some of the authoritative links included: Komando, Travel+Leisure, Florida Travel and Life, TimeOut, Insider, Business Insider, New York Post, Marine Business World, Robb Report, Luxury Travel Magazine and Powerboat World. 

Subsequently, these efforts further helped to improve brand awareness. 

Performance results for keyword Improvements: 

The increase in high-quality backlinks, as well as the increase in listings, helped Rightboat rank for an additional 646 keywords in positions 1-3 and a further 2.7k keywords in positions 4-10. Subsequently, this helped contribute to better visibility and organic traffic, positively impacting the overall goal of establishing Rightboat as a market leader.

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