Creating a Comprehensive Guide Hub that Users Care About

By Lucy Dodds • 29 March 2021 • minutes reading time

Fresh from her debut at the Spring 2021 edition of BrightonSEO, our Content Marketing Consultant and industry speaker extraordinaire, Lucy Dodds, shares her insight on creating a comprehensive content guide hub that users actually care about.

Here at Evolved Search, we’ve shaped successful awareness content hubs for a range of clients on eCommerce and lead generation sites over the past 6 years, from Automotive to Retail to Finance.

We believe every site should implement awareness content at some level and it’s surprising how many don’t. However, that does leave you with a great opportunity.

As we have years of experience in researching and building awareness content hubs, we thought we’d share our knowledge and show you the basics for building your own.

In this FREE download, Lucy outlines the “why” behind the content guide hub, its conversion potential versus other content types, and how to get it right in line with your customer’s path to purchase.

You’ll discover:

  • What is awareness content?
  • Why should you care?
  • The power of a guide hub when it comes to conversions
  • A detailed look at the 15 steps of creating a comprehensive guide hub, with plenty of practical tips and examples from our own client work
  • How this approach has worked for our clients, including Ocean Finance and Tap Warehouse.

To access your copy, pop your details in the form and one of the team will follow-up to send it through to you.

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