Women in Search: Meet our Inspiring, Talented Females

By Evolved • 8 March 2021 • minutes reading time

We wanted to celebrate the fantastic Women in Search we have in the business (51% of the team at Evolved Search are women) just in time for International Women’s Day 2021, so over the next few days, we’re going to be introducing our gals on this very blog!

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Ellie Morgan

Women in Search for IWD 2021 - Ellie Morgan - Evolved Search

What is your role at Evolved?

I’m a Digital PR Executive at Evolved.

How did you get into digital?
I started getting into digital through my media A-level.

This pushed me to go for an apprenticeship in digital marketing straight after my exams.

What are you most proud of? (inside or outside of work)?
I am proud I was able to work my way into this leading agency at 19. A few years ago I’d never imagined I’d be happy in a job I love and workplace I love before 20.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about cooking. I have grown an obsession for it again in this 3rd lockdown.

Fun Fact:
Fun fact: I have been dancing since I was 18 months old. I currently teach ballet, tap, modern and musical theatre in my spare time.

Lucy Dodds

Women in Search - Lucy Dodds of Evolved Search

What is your role at Evolved?

Content Marketing Consultant. I focus on on-site optimisation, creating content hubs and building E-A-T.

When I’m not researching on-site opportunities, I’m thinking of new Digital PR ideas for automotive, finance and eCommerce/Retail clients.

How did you get into digital?

Funnily enough, I started as Evolved’s client!

After finishing my BA and MA in Creative Writing, I wanted a job in writing or proofreading, so I took my first job as an in-house copywriter where honestly, I had no idea what SEO was.

The company was Evolved’s client at the time, so I met our directors Ian, Tom and David, and then Evolved trained me up. I left the in-house role and moved to two other agencies before coming back to Evolved as their own employee.

What are you most proud of? (inside or outside of work)?

I’m proud to take on speaking roles for the first time with Evolved, including BrightonSEO.

I attended the in-person event in 2019 and it was amazing, so it’s a real honour to be part of it virtually. While I’m happy for myself, I am really grateful to Evolved for giving me the knowledge and confidence to start speaking – I wouldn’t have dared apply when I first started.

They have also let me grow my speaking skulls during work time, which is a huge bonus.

What are you passionate about?

Making my clients the authority in their space through on-site content and Digital PR. I am also a big advocate for getting big results from small changes, whether it’s through title tag testing or a quick reangling of data.

Fun Fact:

I recently got into powerlifting (before the gym closed!) and deadlifted over 1.5x my body weight at a national competition.

Aiming for 2x when the world returns to normal!

Lou Crane

What is your role at Evolved?

I am the Senior Digital PR Lead at Evolved.

I specialise predominantly in the motoring sector and work on the link building strategy for our some of our biggest Automotive clients.

I’m heavily involved in brainstorming creative content campaigns and contacting relevant journalists with our research.

When I’ve not got my PR hat on, I also help to organise a lot of the agency’s charitable and community-focused initiatives in and around the North East.

How did you get into digital?

After studying Marketing Management at Northumbria University, and spending my placement year in-house, I knew I wanted to work for an agency. I stumbled my way into an account management role at a full-service agency and quickly found that account management was not for me.

I was keen to find a much more creative marketing role which is when I was approached to join Evolved as a digital PR exec. I had no idea what digital PR was or what link building entailed, but I liked creative campaigns and I liked data so I thought it could work out!

What are you most proud of? (inside or outside of work)?

Outside of the amazing awards we have won as an agency, I’m probably personally most proud of the impact we have made on our local community and charities. I’m blessed to work with a ton of great people who are super generous in terms of time and money.

We’ve organised activities such as tree planting in Northumberland, Volunteering and donating to local food banks, 26m charity walks and many, many more.

What are you passionate about?

I’m fiercely passionate about the planet and try to live my life as sustainably as possible. In terms of hobbies, I love to hike around national parks in the UK and abroad and I’m also a big yoga bum and festival-goer (in normal times).

Fun Fact:

I’m a trained skydiver!

Hayley Fell

Women in Search - Meet Hayley Fell - Evolved Search

What is your role at Evolved?

Head of Client Services here at Evolved. I ensure all our clients are satisfied and we are exceeding their expectations through excellent service and delivery as well as supporting our clients business growth through consistent growth across search campaigns.

How did you get into digital?

I accidently fell into it. After 10 years in retail I was applying for new jobs, one of which was a Data Feeds Administrator. When I attended the interview I quickly realised that I wasn’t qualified for it at all, but the employer thought I would be well suited to Client Services so I went back to next day for an interview for an Account Executive role and got it!

What are you most proud of? (inside or outside of work)?

Since probably saying my dog is a little daft, I’m most proud of my career for sure. After graduating into a recession and working in retail I found it difficult to work out the next step of my career and my niche, but in the last 8 years I’ve grown from Account Executive to Head of Client Services. It’s a huge achievement for me.

What are you passionate about?

I’m probably most passionate about my work, I’m a people person and I love what I do and speaking to different clients every day and the senses of achievement with the results we deliver at Evolved. Outside of work though my main passion is fashion/personal style.

This developed from working in retail and has more recently been reignited (after entering my 30s and rediscovering my personal style). I spend most of my spare time with my head in books, magazines, Pinterest or Instagram understanding others and my own individual style.

Fun Fact: (some to pick from) I’m highly double jointed and can twist my wrists/arms around practically 360 degrees, I was Lady Mayoress of Newcastle, I used to own pet giant South African snails.

Beth Watson

What is your role at Evolved?:

I’m a Digital PR Consultant.

Meet Beth Watson - Evolved Search

How did you get into digital?:

Straight from university – I knew PR was something I wanted to explore but was slightly concerned that traditional PR seemed to be becoming less and less of a big thing.

I applied to loads of agencies in Newcastle and got my first job as an Outreach Executive in 2017!

What are you most proud of? (inside or outside of work)?:

Inside Evolved Search, I’m most proud of landing coverage on publications I’d always dreamt of getting links from, all in my first year of working at Evolved!

Outside of work – Being part of The Female Connective – it’s a small team championing bridging the gender and diversity gap in SEO. I absolutely love it.

What are you passionate about?: TikTok, Twilight and Skincare

Fun Fact: I actually have a cow named after me on my Grandad’s farm!

Check out the blog tomorrow to meet some more of our Women in Search. Big thanks to our interviewees today for taking the time and inadvertently volunteering to go first!

Happy International Women’s Day, one and all ‍♀️

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