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Launched in 2006, Peter Vardy Group is a family-run automotive business operating across Scotland with a vision to create the world’s best motor retail operation as measured by their colleagues, customers, and communities in which they serve. The group comprises Peter Vardy for new, premium and classic car sales, the used car supermarket CARZ, Peter Vardy Leasing, and GoodByeCar.

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The Brief

Peter Vardy Group came on board with Evolved following the success of CarMoney’s time with us for PPC, which also sits under the group’s umbrella of automotive services.

They came to us initially for Peter Vardy and CARZ, with the intention of expanding into new areas for Leasing and Car Selling further down the line.

They were seeking a refreshed approach to their paid search activity, as well as training for some of their in-house team to help pave the way for a stronger future for their ever-growing and lead-hungry sales teams, and Evolved was eager to get started.

The Approach

Each account strategy was tailored to suit each automotive market, however, all accounts were serviced with the following three fundamental pillars in mind:

Developed a seamless and trusted relationship to ensure a proactive rather than reactive approach is undertaken and performance is comprehensively understood.

Peter Vardy Group moves at a fast pace where quality enquiries are needed consistently for their sales teams to keep the cycle of supply and demand in balance. Transparency and knowledge sharing throughout communications have been key to the successes the Group has seen, with training provided and custom meetings to suit their needs and way of working:

We’ve held weekly meetings with key stakeholders to discuss performance on a more frequent basis. This allows teams on both sides responsible for different verticals to gain a greater awareness and navigate each market throughout the month with enhanced efficiency and adaptability.

The focus of meetings revolved around driving the required lead volumes for each sales team and capitalising on opportunities that emerge from insights shared, including:

  • Progress on tests and what’s next for strategic implementation.
  • The competitor landscape from an in-platform and internal business perspective both short and long-term.
  • Website recommendations regarding user journey.
  • The value of conversions throughout each stage of the marketing funnel.

We utilised all available in-platform, internal and market data to effectively understand Peter Vardy Group’s current market position and potential within it and to feed as much as possible into strategies.

This has been of critical importance throughout the turbulence of COVID-19 and the UK financial crisis, and will continue to be a focus as the dependency on third-party data grows as a result of data protection and cookies shifts.

We renovated salvageable campaigns and implemented a solid core structure of targeting from which expansion could be efficiently sourced throughout short and long-term cycles.

The team maximised what was working and mitigated lead disruption for accounts throughout rebuilding to maintain the flow of enquiries. A solid build also allows for a higher ratio of forward-thinking strategy time for our clients.

A snapshot of what the actions look like:

  • Harnessing customer data and audiences to enhance the quality of users captured and exclude unviable customers.
  • Regular review of internal CRM data to capture keyword-level performance and utilising results to enhance investment opportunity.
  • The creation of quality custom reporting for a clear view of performance for all stakeholders with maximum automation.
  • A rebuild of campaigns when onboarded to re-categorise keyword cohorts distinctively to maximise coverage and traction.
  • Creating a setup that both protects core areas and can leverage increased volume whilst keeping the foot in the door for new opportunities efficiently.
  • Increased segmentation of keywords to increase relevance based on their semantic and lexical composition.
  • Overhaul of negative keyword lists and reduction of cross-contamination of terms between campaigns to improve auction quality and the bottom line.

We’ve been working with Evolved Search for over three years now, and they’ve been instrumental in helping us to improve our organic and paid marketing performance.

We’re particularly impressed with their in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry, and their ability to quickly understand our business goals and objectives. They’re also very responsive to our needs, and their teams are always willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve results. We would highly recommend the agency to any business that’s looking to improve their online presence.

Claire Rogan, Digital Transformation Director Peter Vardy Group

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