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A fresh approach to Digital PR for Beyond Retail

Beyond Retail operate three home improvement companies, Drench, Tap Warehouse, and Only Radiators. They were founded in 2011 when they started selling bathroom and kitchen taps online. Since then, they have grown their product range massively to over 20,000 items from 50 manufacturers and brands.

Drench case study - Evolved Search
YoY increase in links built for Drench
YoY increase in links built for Tap Warehouse

The Brief:

Having worked with Beyond Retail’s companies, Tap Warehouse and Drench, since the summer of 2019 to improve their search rankings, the team at Evolved has become experts in the home improvement sector.

Last year the main objective was to achieve our organic forecasted revenue target for Beyond Retail, and we were tasked with improving brand awareness through digital PR efforts, aiming for consistent coverage helping both Tap Warehouse and Drench to grow brand presence through targeted content and outreach.

Our Approach:

We changed our approach and targets for 2022, including:

  • Focusing more resource on reactive Digital PR campaigns.
  • Submitting more expert commentary to journalists.
  • Increasing the authority of Beyond retail as experts in their field.
  • Building relationships with journalists, who now come to us for expert opinions and imagery/products to review.

Since beginning Digital PR on both accounts, Tap Warehouse and Drench have grown a powerful backlink profile with our link-building efforts and tactics, by producing quality content that journalists are eager to cover in their publications.

We built 627 links for Drench from these tactics alone in the first 24 months of working on growing the backlink profile, and 526 for Tap Warehouse. These backlinks were of great quality and relevance and therefore contributed to improving search engine rankings of these sites. Examples of topically relevant links built towards these sites are Real Homes, KBB Daily, Homes & Property, Ideal Home, House Beautiful, Country Living, Your Home Style, Property Central, Grand Designs, Good Homes Magazine, and many more.

Evolved’s SEO team also built links on national news sites with large monthly readerships* to provide them with maximum brand exposure. Some highlight links include Evening Standard (19.2M), Express ((106.2M), MSN (878.1M), and the Mirror (94.7M).

The team also prioritised building links on lifestyle publications where readership included Beyond Retail’s target audience. There was the benefit of receiving links from these strong news publications that write about topics that linked to Beyond’s brand. Links were secured in Elle, Red Online, Stylist, Prima, and Good To Know.

Campaign highlights:

linking domains for Drench
linking domains for Tap Warehouse
links from the ‘home’ section of national/regional news sites

“We teamed up with Evolved Search to reverse a severe dip in organic visibility and revenue, and they have not let us down. Their work has helped us tackle a mountain of technical problems, they’ve created interesting and effective content, and smashed revenue goals month after month.

We simply couldn’t have done it without Evolved’s vast breadth and depth of SEO expertise. Their approach is performance-driven, detail-oriented, and collaborative — they actually live up to the “extension of the team” cliché, and not many agencies do.

Working with Evolved Search has not only been a success, it’s been a pleasure.”

Frode Myklebust, Technology Director Beyond Retail

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