Reviewing the Best Content in the Bathroom Sector

By Lydia Booth • 8 February 2021 • minutes reading time

Here at Evolved Search, we’ve created hugely successful content campaigns for our clients in the bathroom industry over the years, gaining a Northern eCommerce Award and a European Search Award in the process. Along the way, we’ve learnt a thing or two about what makes content in the bathroom sector effective.

So, we thought we would share our findings of the best content in the Bathroom sector, as well as why they’re so impressive.

We’ve analysed content hubs, tools and content marketing – so let’s show you the top examples.

Top Content Hubs

What are content hubs, and why are they beneficial?

A content hub is an area of a website that contains multiple pages and various types of content, all relating to a particular topic. These hubs give you an opportunity to showcase your expertise, and therefore build on your authority.

What’s great about content hubs, is that customers may not know exactly what they’re looking for, but having this wealth of knowledge at their fingertips, means they can filter through different topics – pushing them along the funnel.

This is particularly important for the bathroom sector, where maintaining, planning and renovating a bathroom isn’t as simple if you have no previous skills.

Now you know what content hubs are and why they’re important, let’s uncover the best hubs in the bathroom sector…

Victoria Plum

Victoria Plum content example for the Bathroom sector

If you’ve searched for a query around bathrooms on a search engine, chances are you’ve come across a post by Victoria Plum. Their quality posts can be found in a well thought out content hub.

One particular area that they excel in, is their advice section. They cover topics ranging from the niche like how do saniflo toilets work? to broader pieces, such as how to clean a shower head, proving their expertise within the bathroom sector. All of these guides are in-depth and contain a useful mixture of visuals and videos, illustrating their attention to detail.

Videos are really valuable when you’re covering how-to guides, especially if you’re demonstrating something trickier, like fitting shower wall panels.

Plus, video content comes with some nice added SEO benefits:

This combination of genuinely useful content with effective SEO makes this hub from Victoria Plum a great example.

Victorian Plumbing

Not to be confused with the similarly named former company, Victorian Plumbing’s content hub, titled “VP Blog”, provides inspiration and tips for the bathroom.

Victorian Plumbing content example for the Bathroom sector

They’ve categorised their blog into seven main areas: DIY, style, news, customer showcase, latest, and featured, making it really easy for customers to discover new and relevant posts.

One particular area that is a great addition to the hub, is the inclusion of user-generated content – known as the customer showcase. You’ll find blog posts featuring their customers’ bathroom renovations, and advice on how to recreate the bathroom style at home using – you guessed it! – Victorian Plumbing products.

Delivering real and genuine content proves to new customers that these bathroom makeovers are achievable. Rather than showing stock imagery which may present itself as inaccessible, not to mention giving the reader the task of having to track down the products, which can be time consuming and fruitless.

Not to mention that this encourages customers to promote and share pictures of their bathroom on social channels. Providing more integration with their audience and a free marketing tool.

Tap Warehouse & Drench

We may be biased, but we think our own clients, Tap Warehouse and Drench, have excellent content hubs in the bathroom sector.

Tap Warehouse and Drench - Content examples for the Bathroom sector - Evolved Search

Why? They cover a wide variety of different subjects related to the bathroom. A lot of these posts aren’t focused on promoting products they sell, but rather articles their audience will likely be looking for answers on, suggesting they have an authentic interest in new and after-sales customers.

Excellent examples include this post on how to paint a bathtub, or how to change a radiator valve.

Example of author content for the Bathroom sector

Tap Warehouse and Drench have included the author name with a link to the author bio, making the content personable and trustworthy. Author Bios are a superb way to build on your E-A-T as it demonstrates the author is a real person with the relevant expertise that you can trust.

Excellent Examples of Interactive Tools

In today’s digital world, providing just static content isn’t enough on its own. Implementing interactive content offers customers a better experience and can boost conversion rates by 40%-50%.

Not only that, 93% of marketers stated that interactive content is highly effective at educating prospective customers. Evidently, interactive elements are beneficial for users and brands. With that in mind, what are the best examples of interactive tools in the bathroom sector?

It’s evident that interactive elements are beneficial for users and brands – so which are the best tools in the bathroom sector?

Villeroy & Boch

Another example of content for the Bathroom sector for Villeroy and Boch - Evolved Search

To show potential customers what style bathroom most applies to them, Villeroy & Boch, have created this interactive tool.

The Style Finder simply asks users to select 10 images that they like best, and the tool will then bring up which bathroom collection most suits their style. This is a great interactive element, especially for new customers who are unsure of bathroom styles and need some inspiration.


Example from Grohe - Content for the Bathroom sector - Evolved Search

Deciding on one bathroom product, such as a basin can take forever, never mind having to then find the perfect tap to match.

Thankfully, Grohe has taken the hard work out by creating this perfect match tool. Users just have to select their basin or their tap, then the tool will display the perfect accompaniments.

Interactive tools are quite rare in the Bathroom sector, so it’s excellent to see Grohe pushing forward with this.

The Best Content Marketing in the Bathroom Sector

Ok, perhaps the subject of Bathrooms isn’t exactly the most exciting topic out there. But, that doesn’t mean bathroom content marketing pieces have to be boring. You can produce exciting and relevant content that works in the Bathroom sector and these campaigns prove it.

Tap Warehouse – Britain’s Bathroom Secrets

Coverage for Tap Warehouse - content marketing for the Bathroom sector - Evolved Search

This is one of the first pieces of content marketing we produced for our client, Tap Warehouse.

At the time, Tap Warehouse had a limited link profile. So, we created a content idea we knew that would be engaging and get people talking.

We surveyed Brits to reveal their hidden habits in the bathroom. One interesting stat that was uncovered was that 1/3 of women wipe the wrong way (yikes!). This piece was hugely successful with links in Yahoo, Metro and MSN, to mention a few.

The article worked because it includes some of the key elements of what makes an idea stick: emotions and the unexpected.

Drench – Bathroom Trend Report 2021

This recent campaign for our client, Drench, is another great example of effective content marketing in the bathroom sector.

Example of coverage for Drench - Content Marketing for Bathroom sector - Evolved Search

We were lucky enough to have a wealth of Drench’s own data at our fingertips. So, we used this to our advantage and analysed our client’s data to predict bathroom trends in 2021. We supplemented this with quotes from our client to explain and provide more context. Data and quotes from a brand strengthen their authority, plus it gives the content more credibility.

Not only did we have data that was completely unique, but the piece was timely, adding to its success.

Plumbworld – Privi-Pee

This is quite an older piece from Plumbworld, but worth including as it shows you can pull of a quirky product stunt even within the bathroom sector!

Plumbworld discovered that a huge 30% of men have experienced stage fright at a urinal. With this in mind, Plumbworld created a product to combat stage fright – a cape that covered a man’s indecency at a urinal.

The piece is unexpected, humorous, and relatable to men. So, it’s little wonder the campaign gained lots of coverage and was even featured on Today.

Key takeaway tips for Creating Effective Content in the Bathroom Industry

As you can see, on-site content and content marketing for the Bathroom sector can be really engaging and interesting and there’s plenty of inspiration out there in the industry.

If you’re looking to create successful content for the bathroom sector, here are a few key points to take away:

  • Always produce content with your audience in mind.
  • Prove that you’re an expert and trustworthy brand by providing content that’s useful and educational, incorporating data or industry expertise where applicable.
  • Add visual elements, such as videos and interactive tools to stand out from the crowd.
  • Utilise the brilliance of your existing customer base by featuring UGC wherever possible. This can show potential customers what’s possible with your products and can be shared far and wide across social media, too.

If this all sounds great but beyond the realms of what you might be able to achieve in-house, it could be worth taking on external help. We’re experts at providing high-quality content that exceeds expectations and gets results for our clients. If you would like to learn about how we could help with your Content and SEO strategy, get in touch to find out more.

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