We're UK Search Award winners - again!

By Evolved • 3 December 2018 • minutes reading time

After picking up the Best SEO Campaign award in 2016 for our work with Select Car Leasing, we’re thrilled to say that we’re UK Search Award winners once more! This time in the Best B2C Campaign category, for our high-achieving work with retailer Mattress Online!

The UK Search Awards (and its EU counterpart) is pretty much the Oscars of the SEO world. Every year, agencies from around the country enter their best work to be considered for an award, with some of our most esteemed peers picking up silverware over the years. It’s a celebration of all that’s great in Search, so we’re honoured to be UK Search Award winners again this year.

After being shortlisted in 5 categories, including Best SEO Campaign and Best Small SEO Agency, the stakes and suspense were high. Competition was so fierce in the B2C category in particular, with campaigns for Vodafone, Hillary’s, Specsavers and British Gas amongst the shortlisted entries. Our work with Mattress Online is some of our finest this year, so it’s extra special that we picked up the award at last Thursday’s London ceremony.

Evolved Search - UK Search Award winners 2018 - Best B2C Campaign

Image credit: Don’t Panic and Chiko Photography.

So what about the campaign itself?

When Mattress Online came to us in 2017, they’d suffered a link-based penalty at the hands of their previous agency. Traffic, organic revenue and visibility were at a worrying low, and as the brand only trades online, this dealt a huge hit to their turnover, putting jobs at risk.

The Mattress Online website had lost almost 75% of organic visibility in the space of just a few months. This was having a devastating impact on the business, as organic traffic accounted for a sizeable percentage of their annual turnover. The site was suffering from a vast range of issues, so it was essential in the first stages that all were addressed and prioritised correctly. Getting this right was critical to the future of the business.

Once solid technical foundations were in place, we were able to focus our attention on creative content production, in line with Mattress Online’s goal to grow brand awareness.

Their investment in SEO despite the company’s financial downturn meant that there was a strong focus on ROI and a need to turn around negative impact as quickly as possible. It was uncertain at the beginning the exact impact we’d be able to make due to the severity of the penalty, however our commitment was to ensure that we built their organic traffic back as close to what it was prior to the penalty, with improvements going forward once the foundations were in place.

As it turns out, we were able to achieve much, much more than that, with organic revenue back to where it was before the penalty and a range of high-authority domains referring to the site, including The Daily Mail, House Beautiful, London Evening Standard and The Mirror, to name a few. Visibility and traffic have lifted significantly, too, and we’re now in a position where we can work with the brand to build on this success from a solid foundation.

The work we’ve been able to do for Mattress Online has truly helped them ‘bounce back’ from a terrible situation, which could have caused job losses and the beginning of the end for the brand. The results we’ve been able to achieve are testament to an honest, expert and ethical approach to content, SEO and outreach.

Not only has our work lifted figures, but we’ve also been able to restore the client’s faith in the industry – and agencies – in the process, which we like to think is doing a bit of a service to the industry! Our approach shows a real commitment to thorough best practice, and we’re so thrilled and honoured it is now officially one of the 2018 UK Search Award winners!

We’d like to say a huge thanks to the team at Mattress Online for choosing us and a big well done to the team who work with the brand daily. We did it – now onwards and upwards!

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