The digital marketing industry has evolved, so have we…

By Tom Etherington • 27 October 2022 • 4 minutes reading time

Today, we’re launching a new website and approach to reflect what our clients really require, how we work, and changes in the digital marketing industry.

Evolved is now in its ninth year, as of September, and throughout the last two years, in particular, we have worked with a lot of different businesses that shared the same common challenges – largely because of one reason.

Disjointed strategy.

The digital marketing industry has grown at such a rate that it’s difficult for businesses to keep up with the latest developments or different agencies they need for support.

Whether it’s changes to Google’s expectations, the actual search results pages, customer behaviours, or the worlds of online and offline, the goalposts are constantly moving.

An overarching strategy to encompass all of this is no mean feat.

Even before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and Cost of Living crisis, a lot of businesses weren’t making the most of their investment into digital marketing or getting the return they required. This isn’t down to a lack of budget, however, and more about where and how it’s best utilised.

Almost every new business enquiry that we’ve received over the last 12 months has came with a specific need or brief. Whether it’s support with organic and paid search, or even a tactic like Digital PR, strategies are usually decided and agencies like ourselves are those briefed with delivering against it.

This may just be the types of briefs we’ve attracted and isn’t the issue itself, as we were a specialist agency and have always challenged assumptions. But more often than not, we’ve found something critical to success that won’t be resolved by the brief we’ve been given, or focusing on just one channel or tactic alone.

This often leads to a lot time, money, and effort spent in the wrong places, some channels performing well whilst others don’t, agencies working in silos for the same client, or a disconnect between the digital marketing objectives and what the business wants to achieve.

With the best will, or even strategy, in the world, the needle won’t move when there’s a disjointed approach and lack of integration.

Integration, but not as you know it

Integration, or integrated marketing, traditionally means sending the same message out across multiple channels.

We’re redefining the term. To us, it means providing a cohesive strategy, focusing on your wider business objectives, and connecting the dots to bring everything together.

This goes way beyond digital or even marketing, as in order to get the right strategy, we need to truly understand the business.

Our best-performing clients have provided us with unrestricted access to their objective setting, decision-making, internal teams, and data. And in return, we’ve done the same. The results aren’t coincidental.

For an agency to be a true extension of a client’s team, these factors aren’t just a way of working, they are critical to success. It shouldn’t be seen as an industry cliché.

Our approach is to embed ourselves into your organisation across every level, share our knowledge, and open up clear lines of communication to forge a deeper understanding of the business needs.

We make sure everyone’s pushing in the same direction, empower you to make better decisions, and link your marketing to your ultimate vision. Regardless of what channel we’re tasked with growing, we’ll connect up your campaigns and content, focus on the right tactics, and craft a multi-talented team to meet the objectives.

We’re a performance agency that can’t succeed in isolation, so it’s time to evolve.

If this sounds familiar, you can read more about our approach and results, or get in touch.

And if you’re interested in a role at Evolved to help us redefine integration, please take a look at our careers.

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