Great Places to Work for Women - We're one of them!

By Evolved • 14 July 2021 • minutes reading time

We recently received confirmation that – as part of our ongoing scoring through Great Place to Work UK – we have made the list of Great Places to Work for Women 2021!

The list celebrates a huge breadth of businesses, split by size, to highlight organisations that are playing their part to improve the workplace experience for all. It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted women and this list showcases the businesses that are really pushing for equality and fairness across the board.

We’re immensely proud to be one of them. You can find the full publication and lists here, showcasing businesses across the various categories. For the record, we currently sit in the ‘Small’ category, however, we anticipate we’ll be in the Medium category for 2021-2022 as we continue our rapid growth.

As with our previous Great Place to Work scoring, the Great Places to Work for Women list is compiled from genuine, anonymous feedback from actual employees of the business.

Our employees have rated us across a vast range of criteria, covering topics such as leadership, development, progression, trust, work-life balance, the way we work, benefits and more, to give a comprehensive picture of what we’re really doing to make Evolved Search a Great Place to Work for Women.

It’d be great if we lived in a world where lists like this didn’t really have to exist and every workplace was great for everyone regardless of gender, orientation, or race, but since that’s not quite where we live as a society, we’re committed to being the best we can be for every member of the team.

Just a few highlights from our team ratings relating to Great Places to Work for Women include:

  • 100% of our female staff cited that we encourage a positive work-life balance.
  • 100% said that, “taking everything into account, I would say that this is a great place to work”, and so did 100% of our males!
  • 95% of our females said that they feel people are treated fairly regardless of gender.
  • 100% said they feel Evolved Search is a psychologically and emotionally healthy place to work, which is great news considering that the Great Place to Work benchmark is just 78%.
  • Finally, 100% said our organisation actively prioritises employee wellbeing.

What are we doing to continuously improve?

We’re not a bunch to rest on their laurels and we see being named as one of the Great Places to Work for Women, and these scores, as our new benchmark to maintain and – where possible – improve upon.

Currently, we’re evaluating our approach to going back to the office, encouraging a hybrid-working model, and widely flexible working, both allowing all employees to better balance their personal lives with work in a way that suits them. This will be particularly advantageous to our staff who have children and have to balance childcare, but ultimately it’s about us all finding a better balance that compliments our individual working styles.

This article highlights some of the best maternity packages from companies in the UK and we’re always striving to ensure ours is up there with the best, so it’s an ever-improving benefit. Our maternity/paternity package provides an enhanced rate of pay versus the statutory allowance and applies to all parents, including those adopting.

We also have a robust professional development framework in place to ensure every member of the team has a bespoke plan to work towards to ensure fair promotions, pay rises, and career development.

One of the benefits of being completely independent is that we can implement these changes quickly and stay ahead of the curve, so you can bet we’ll have more perks up our sleeves that actually make a difference in people’s lives and promote equality across the business.

If this all sounds good to you and you want to join us, check out our current Careers vacancies, here.

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