We’re 100% a Great Place to Work: Certified!

By Evolved • 4 March 2021 • minutes reading time

Since Evolved Search was founded in 2014, what we offer our people when they embark on careers with us has been a big focus and something we’re constantly developing. We set out to become one of the best agencies to work for in the UK and we’re always pushing for more to make that a reality.

Our senior leaders and co-founders have done their fair share of working for other agencies in the past so truly understand the highs and lows, and are always striving to create somewhere they want to work and would have loved to have had when coming up in their digital career.  

We’ve invested heavily in our employee benefits and the development of our team, and wanted to gather genuine feedback so we could start benchmarking our progress when it comes to People – both internally and publicly across the industry. 

Our Head of People, Sinead, carried out research on the best way of doing this and we decided to opt into Great Place to Work, which is a trusted organisation gathering data on a huge range of companies, based on actual staff feedback.

GPTW is the frontrunner in this area and compiles lists for things such as ‘Great Places to Work for Women’ and sector-specific lists, too. 

It gives us an opportunity to understand our place in the market, but more importantly, gather anonymous feedback from the team that will help us continue to improve and maintain an outstanding employee experience in line with our ambitious growth plans

So, with that mammoth introduction out of the way, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we’re now Great Place to Work Certified, with a 100% score. One-hundred-per cent! Yep, that’s right:  

This means that every single person in the business has rated Evolved Search as a Great Place to Work. The average across the GPTW platform is 91%, so we’re thrilled to be well above-average and achieving top marks for our agency overall. 

Evolved Search has picked up a 100% score on Great Place to Work - Find out more about one of the best agencies to work for in the UK

Within this score is individual ratings across a range of other criteria, so for full transparency, here’s the full run-down of some of the scores that make up our rating: 

Average of all statements: 96% – This rating means our average across all questions from the survey answered by the Evolved Search team was 96%. 

100% intimacy: This measures how much people feel they can be themselves around their colleagues and how much they feel they can count on each other. 

100% competence: There’s some big faith in our leadership and people management capabilities, by the looks of this one! 

100% community: This represents the highest level of faith in the belief there’s a real sense of family within the business, along with high levels of camaraderie across the team. 

99% corporate image:  Our team has rated us highly when it comes to our reputation in the wider industry and the image we present to the world. 

99% team: The team has rated their colleagues highly, showing the pride we have for the agency and one another and celebrating our achievements as an agency and those of individuals.

98% leadership:  The faith in our leadership is strong, with a near-perfect score showing positive experiences with leadership behaviour, as well as our leaders embodying company values and strategy. 

This one is a key measure as part of the Great Place to Work process as it highlights the companies with leaders who can execute their strategy successfully and be around for the long-haul. 

97% hospitality: The Evolved Search team overwhelmingly believes that the work environment is friendly and welcoming and that they can enjoy each other’s company whilst at work. 

97% pride: This is a great indicator of the way our team members view their work, their colleagues and the agency overall. 

96% support: We also scored highly on ‘Support’ showing Evolved Search team members feel they’re fully supported with training, opportunities, resources and equipment, as well as the appreciation of their achievements.

There’s a lot more where that came from, but as you’ll gather, in order to gain such high scores across the board, there’s got to be high scores given.  

Any areas we didn’t perform as well in, for example, we scored 86% for Equity which measures the view that opportunities are dispersed fairly, has helped us take further action to ensure each person at Evolved knows what they can do to progress as the agency grows.

So, what’s next? 

Over the course of the coming year, there will be official Great Place to Work lists released, the first of which is Best Workplaces, which is set to be released in April 2021.  The good people at GPTW will crunch the numbers and provide a data-led view of the best companies to work for based on real employee feedback.

There are a few lists we’re really hoping to be on and this is certainly one of them!  There is no list as yet for the digital industry as a whole, so we fall under ‘Technology’ for now, but there’ll no doubt be more specific lists in future that will cement our place as one of the best agencies to work for in the UK!

We’re certified for a year from February 2021 and will be completing this exercise every year, so we look forward to maintaining high standards and improving other areas. 

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the team for the time they took to complete the survey and for making Evolved Search a Great Place to Work! When you add this fantastic accolade to the recent award we won for Search Agency of the Year 2021, it’s certainly clear that we’re onto something special.

Now, we just need COVID-19 to be on its way so we can have the mother of all socials to celebrate all the brilliant things going on right now

Pssst! If you’d like to work for a 100% certified Great Place to Work and one of the most exciting and best agencies to work for in the UK, we’re hiring!

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