Visualising the Apple Car concept for Vanarama

Part of Auto Trader Group, Vanarama is an award-winning personal and commercial vehicle leasing company. The brand began in 2004 with just 3 people and today employs more than 230, offering the best deals on a huge range of vehicles. They provide award-winning customer service and online customer experience.

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Industry recognition!

The Brief

Vanarama is an award-winning personal and commercial vehicle leasing company striving to provide its customers with a huge range of deals to get them moving in the most cost-effective and simple way possible.

The leasing space is competitive, and full of brands that have huge exposure and reach.

Prior to the ‘Apple Car’ campaign, we had already delivered over 20 high-performing content pieces over the previous year. We felt a ‘different’ if not riskier campaign was necessary to try to push visibility and build brand awareness further.

It tied into Vanarama’s goal to be known as an expert in the EV and Technology sector by providing engaging content for relevant publications in these areas.

The Approach

In-depth research proved that many EV-specific articles and highly-authoritative tech publications contained linkable assets from brands, such as high-quality visuals, this is when the team knew the route to go down for ideation.

After discovering genuine patents filed by Apple Inc., the team decided to create a vision of the anticipated Apple Car and how it might look on launch.

Using these genuine patents, we created a vision of the Apple car and how it might look on launch. With an interactive drag and rotate screen that allows the user to explore the features of the car and see it from multiple angles, as well as information on rival blueprints from Samsung and Google, this campaign offered insight into a possible future vehicle.

The campaign received coverage all over the world, including a featured piece in Hype Beast, Auto Evolution, BGR, Digital Trends, Hot Cars, Interesting Engineering, Design Boom, The Next Web, WCCF Tech, Tech Spot, Motor1, Mashable, Tech Times, WhichEV, and many other titles.

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