Ranking ‘Top of the shop’ for tombola

Britain’s Biggest Bingo site, tombola, was established in 2006 and has grown to become a global player in the gaming world. The award-winning bingo giant has a well-known successful relationship with the ITV hit show, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

Games aside, at the core of tombola is their community. It isn’t solely about bingo and the range of games available; it’s about social interaction that flourishes within the chat rooms, where players gather for conversations and connections.

Campaign Highlights
0 YoY increase in NDP's
0 YoY increase in organic sessions
0 YoY increase in new users
0 Increase in keyword rankings

It's an award-winner!

The Brief

When tombola joined us, and throughout our time working on their account they had several key objectives for their SEO campaign, including:

  • Page 1 ranking – Their primary goal was to achieve first-page search engine ranking for the term ‘Bingo’.
  • Growth of new depositing players (NDPs) – The client aimed to increase the number of converting players who were putting first-time deposits into their accounts.
  • Reduce cost per acquisition (CPA) – They wanted to optimise their advertising budget by lowering the cost of acquiring new customers through organic search results.
  • Improve visibility in SERPs – Enhancing their overall presence in SERPs was crucial to increasing their website’s traffic and brand visibility.
  • Non-branded ranking improvements – The client sought to improve rankings for non-branded keywords, ensuring they could attract a wider audience beyond brand-specific searches that they received a lot of through advertising.

Why Evolved?

Our CEO, Ian Macintosh, brought extensive experience in working with bingo websites before establishing Evolved. His deep understanding of the industry and proven track record instilled confidence in tombola.

At this point being established for a few years, Evolved had a reputation for delivering results and achieving significant growth for our clients.

The fact that tombola continued their SEO campaign with us for 5 years speaks volumes about the trust and satisfaction they experienced.

Our Approach

During the campaign, we implemented a range of tactics which allowed us to focus on the client objective’s signposted in their brief.

With this in mind, to make sure tombola ranked on page 1 of search engines we implemented a strategy to make technical SEO and content improvements within the existing site structure.

As growth of NDP’s for improved conversion rate was the main overall organic campaign goal. To achieve this, we implemented a navigation so that the bounce rate dropped significantly and user experience was improved, in turn, this led to an increase in NDP’s.

In addition to our primary responsibilities, we were also tasked with reducing the CPA. To achieve this we assisted their internal team in optimising and deploying new content, fine-tuned, and engaging content.

To improve visibility we focused on increasing the rankings for non-branded keywords through useful and appealing content. As well as this we increased brand awareness and their organic performance through building a diverse range of high-quality backlinks to the tombola site with digital PR campaigns.

The Results

Full campaign impact:

In the year following mid-2018 when tombola came on board as a client, compared to mid-2022/23, organic NDPs increased by 45%, generating an increase in revenue since the start of the campaign.

These outcomes show the significant impact of our digital PR and SEO strategies on tombola’s online presence and performance.

Keyword ranking improvements:

Over the last two years alone, we witnessed remarkable progress in keyword rankings, with a staggering 177% increase from 1.4k to 4k non-branded keywords. Notably, the number of non-branded keywords ranking within the top 3 surged by an impressive 210%, while those within positions 4 to 10 saw a solid 19% rise. Additionally, keywords on the second page of search results experienced a substantial boost of 177%.

Digital PR results:

Over the entirety of our campaign, Evolved’s primary focus was on elevating the quality of tombola’s backlink profile through a strategic digital PR approach. We successfully acquired 1.6k high-quality backlinks, on authoritative websites and online news publications. This not only boosted SEO efforts but also significantly improved brand awareness and conversions.

The articles in which we secured these links garnered an impressive total of 17.86 million engagements, encompassing likes, shares, and comments. Furthermore, they attracted a combined monthly readership of 13.8 billion unique visitors, significantly amplifying tombola’s brand exposure.

Due to our efforts, tombola emerged as the second-most-followed online bingo operator in terms of acquiring backlinks within the past 12 months.

Navigation impact:

Our team implemented a navigation on-site which was done in March 2023. In the 3 months following this, the NDPs increased 38% YOY, which increased revenue.

The bounce rate decreased by 54% in the 6 months following the navigation changes, compared to the 6 months prior.

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