Investing in the right agency pays interest for thinkmoney

thinkmoney is a budgeting fintech bank, with a current account that lets you split your money into two separate pots – one for bills and one for spending. The benefits of which are that it ensures bills are paid on time and therefore individuals’ credit score is improved.

But, even with a great offering, they weren’t getting the right traffic or the right sort of conversions they needed. This is where we came in.

Campaign Highlights
0 Increase in organic sessions to key pages
0 Increase in conversions (applications)
0 Increase in referring domains
0 Increase in search visibility

Industry recognition!

The Brief

thinkmoney were looking to improve organic results, and drive more current account applications through their site, while also building their brand.

They housed content on their blog, which was ranking well for unrelated terms and, therefore, skewing search visibility and rankings, and not driving the correct traffic. Likewise, their brand wasn’t as strong as competitors within the market.

So, we came in to improve the quality of content on their site, build the brand and gain high-quality, relevant links and directly improve traffic and conversion to the current account category of their site.

The Approach

The site was ranking for queries not relating to finance due to old blog posts. We removed over 6,000 low-quality blog posts, leaving roughly 2,000 on-topic, which improved the site’s overall E-A-T.

We also completed an SEO website migration from the previous CMS to Gatsby JS. This enabled us to optimise the performance of the site and implement technical changes to accelerate growth.

We created Budgeting/Protecting your Money and Going Cashless guide hubs and produced detailed, YMYL content to promote thinkmoney as a budgeting account and improve keyword rankings for budgeting terms.

We also continued to optimise existing category pages and blog content (which we deemed relevant to the site) to drive an increase in applications to their current account pages.

We produced a highly relevant and reactive PR campaign that increased thinkmoney’s visibility, and built their brand, within the finance sector.

Our campaign focused on relevant publications with targeted audiences to have the biggest impact on building the brand and assisting with conversions.

To do so, we utilised the YMYL guide hubs we had created to strengthen thinkmoney’s brand and message, while also building relevant links to high-value pages.

We created both reactive and evergreen content campaigns to ensure thinkmoney was always present within the fast-paced finance news cycle.

We’ve always been good at producing content and managing things internally, but efforts to boost SEO metrics needed more focus and a safe, expert pair of hands. We began working with Evolved Search in summer 2019 after a rigorous pitching process and found them to be knowledgeable and committed. The results the team delivered in a year was fantastic.

Steve Hough, Head of Digital Marketing thinkmoney

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