Driving Select to pole position in the car leasing industry

Select Car Leasing is an award-winning car and commercial vehicle leasing broker. Founded in 2004, Select has a clear vision to provide customers with a smart, hassle-free way of obtaining a brand-new car via leasing. Evolved worked with Select across organic and paid search, to support their growth and established them as industry leaders.

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It's an award-winner!

The Brief

Select Car Leasing is now one of the UK’s leading vehicle leasing companies. They have gone through a period of phenomenal growth and are now the largest leasing broker in the UK, something both Evolved and Select are extremely proud of, having been only known locally and nowhere to be seen from an organic perspective before our campaign commenced.

We worked with Select Car Leasing for over 7 years and the KPIs for Select’s campaign developed over time depending on industry changes in automotive. However, sustained growth in generating high-quality leads via their website was a consistent priority.

We aimed to:

  • Increase lead volume and quality via organic search.
  • Increase overall organic visibility.
  • Expand paid marketing into non-brand keywords whilst remaining efficient.
  • Reinforce Select as the market leader for leasing.
  • Support multiple platform migrations to provide an industry-leading technical site experience.

The Approach

We implemented a comprehensive onsite content strategy to attract and convert users at every stage of the buying funnel. This included optimising landing pages to target primary market intent keywords for manufacturer, model, deal-focused terms, and body types. We provided useful content and advice guides at every level alongside a creative content marketing plan including interactive pieces, blogs, infographics and much more.

Created a multitude of development and static link-building campaigns focusing on problem-solving key issues in the automotive sector e.g. EV battery degradation or Tesla’s Auto Braking system. We targeted highly relevant publications in the automotive sector to have the biggest impact on Select’s search performance and added a reactive approach to link building into our strategy post-pandemic.

Provided strategic Technical SEO consultancy to fix critical issues that were hampering search performance. This included supporting the development and launch of consecutive new website projects, and providing ongoing technical expertise to ensure the site was to the latest standards. We also utilised new opportunities in line with the brand’s commercial objectives.

Revisited the brand’s approach frequently as part of our strategy process to be sure that the campaign work achieved results and kept Select at the forefront of the leasing industry.

As the organic channel was so dominant, paid marketing focused initially on brand keywords. We made sure to understand the wider business goals, to plan and forecast how PPC can fit into the wider digital strategy to ensure maximum profitability. The quality of leads mattered most, so the strategy ensured we were driving quality over quantity.

This allowed shared goals to be consistently achieved and surpassed, yielding the growth the client sought in the marketplace with a 90% increase in conversion rate during 2019-2022, alongside a 178% increase in Lead Volume

Whilst we saw great market growth, this remained extremely efficient with a 39% decrease in Cost Per Enquiry compared to the previous period.

Throughout this time, our Paid team assisted Select in satisfying the ever-changing demand of the sales team as they grew and encountered challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Evolved Search delivered phenomenal results and played a major role in accelerating the growth of our business. We effectively came from nowhere on the large and competitive generic keywords in our industry and we’re now well ahead of all of our competitors and continuing to grow.

Mark Tongue, Owner / Company Director Select Car Leasing

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