Blooming good digital PR results for Primrose

Primrose is an international garden retailer that became a part of the Risk Capital portfolio in 2021.

The brand bloomed during the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of the nation’s growing love for their own gardens, and they began to challenge other online garden retailers such as Thompson & Morgan and Crocus.

Campaign Highlights
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The Brief

Primrose wanted to be the go-to destination for the growing online community of gardeners, both experienced and novice. With most Brits staying home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and performing home improvements, Primrose experienced a soaring increase in success for their eCommerce site.

As the nation opened up once more, they recruited the help of Evolved to increase their online visibility to ensure that their growth continued.

The Approach

  • Produced an all-encompassing Digital PR strategy that complimented seasonal product focuses and increased Primrose’s brand visibility in the gardening sector.
  • Targeted highly relevant publications with gardening audiences in order to have the biggest impact on the client’s search visibility
  • Positioned the client as a go-to discourse expert for the gardening sector, resulting in journalists directly requesting exclusive commentary from Primrose on industry trends.
  • Utilised both reactive and evergreen content to ensure Primrose was amongst the ongoing news cycle while offering long-term value
  • Performed revenue-driving product PR around highly competitive dates for eCommerce sites, such as Black Friday & Christmas.

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