Plumping up organic & paid performance for Mattress Online

Mattress Online is an award-winning, industry-leading mattress and bed retailer who has been delivering the UK a better sleep since 2003. The brand is the largest mattress stockist in the UK and has been recognised as the National Bed Federation’s Online Bed Retailer of the Year 2022 for its exceptional customer service, outstanding product quality, and care for the environment.

Campaign Highlights
0 Increase in organic revenue in 3 years
0 Increase in organic traffic since 2019
0 Increase in paid users YoY
0 Increase in paid ROI

It's an award-winner!

The Brief

Mattress Online is one of Evolved’s longest-standing clients, in which we’ve supported them with SEO and PPC for over five years.

The business boomed during the peak of the pandemic because of more people spending more on their home, including mattresses.

Our objective was to maintain this growth with a strong focus on organic and paid integration, as well as topically relevant link building.

The Approach

  • Integrated PPC and SEO teams to improve the Quality Score of key category pages with higher-quality content, intending to reduce PPC spend and keyword cannibalisation by improving results in organic search.
  • Involved PPC and SEO teams in the creation of new transactional pages to ensure content is high-quality and fully optimised, aiming to minimise PPC spend until the new pages ranked organically in traffic-driving positions.
  • Improved search intent matching for transactional keywords that were ranking on informational pages to ensure users landed on the correct page to make a purchase.
  • Captured relevant traffic through Featured Snippets by creating and optimising content for a range of mattress sizes and types.
  • Created unique, data-led content marketing campaigns to target topically relevant publications in the sleep, lifestyle, and home sectors.
  • Positioned Mattress Online as the expert by reacting first to sleep news and involving our client in journalists’ sleep stories at every valuable opportunity.

Key results

  • 76% jump in visibility vs. 2019
  • Page one positions for ‘mattress’ and ‘mattresses’ keywords
  • 400% increase in unique referring domains since 2019
  • 413 links built since 2019

Choosing a digital marketing agency is one of the most challenging decisions for any e-commerce company. After receiving tenders from 4 agencies we decided to work with Evolved and are very pleased we did.

Our SEO activities have seen our organic presence continually increase every month since we started work in spring 2017. Evolved are a great team to work with, they cut right to the chase and are practical and pragmatic.

Our PPC efforts had been stagnant for a while and we’d begun to lose faith in the channel, however, the fresh view taken by Evolved and the complete reinvention of our approach has meant we’re in a completely different place now. The results we're achieving from PPC are fantastic, with huge gains across our KPIs, a dramatic increase in YoY performance, improved ROI, and a consistently imaginative approach to service delivery by the team.

I’m very happy to recommend Evolved Search. They truly understand our market and always bring exciting ideas to the table. We look forward to this growing further and continuing to deliver outstanding results.

Steve Adams, CEO Mattress Online

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