Sending conversions through the roof for Insulation Express

Insulation Express is part of SIG plc, a listed, British-based international supplier of insulation, roofing, and other specialist construction products. Evolved has worked with the SIG Group since 2017 across organic and paid search, adding Conversion Rate Optimisation and UX to the mix at the start of 2022.

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The Brief

Across Insulation Express’s huge range of thermal, acoustic, and fire protection products, there is one product above all that is a bestseller.

We set out to make it perform even better through our data-driven and customer-centric approach to UX and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

With this one particular product page accounting for 20% of landing page traffic and around 30% of overall website revenue, we decided to focus our UX research and optimisation efforts on this one product as a starting point.

The Approach

What we did:

  • A survey on the product page to capture real user feedback
  • Created a new product page design based on user feedback
  • A/B tested the new product page against the original version

Our approach was further supplemented by the in-depth analysis we undertook of 100+ customer reviews that helped us pinpoint what factors were important to the overall customer experience, beyond the specifics of the onsite user experience.

Customer Insights:

  • 55% of visitors to this page said they wanted to see size information about the product – making this the most important element of the product page for users.
  • 44% of visitors also really wanted to understand when products can be delivered, which wasn’t mentioned on the page.
  • Additionally, customer reviews showed how important delivery was to overall satisfaction – 20% mentioned it as a benefit of buying from Insulation Express.
  • Product features were also important for users to see (29%), yet this information was housed in a tab below the fold.
  • Product images were one of the least vital pieces of information for users – only 17% said this was important.

Creating the solution

We set to work redesigning the product page in line with the feedback from real visitors to that page. The main focus was repositioning and prioritising the sections that users identified as being important for them, with the ultimate aim of encouraging more users to add items to their basket and complete a purchase.

In our redesigned page, some of the main changes we made were:

  • Made product size info more prominent by grouping size, thickness, and quantity into one section.
  • Included product size info in the product features list as users really wanted to know this!
  • Elevated the product features list above the fold.
  • Added estimates for delivery below the ‘Add to Basket’ button.
  • Included key USPs from customer reviews to convince users at the point of conversion.
  • Reduced the size of the main product image on desktop.

Focusing solely on the bestseller meant we could minimise the work required from the development team to set up this A/B test on all pages, and allow changes to be rolled out more gradually to further product pages.

This was then run as an A/B test, which was live for 53 days – 50% of traffic to this page saw the redesigned version.

The page layout was also created to be potentially transferrable to other product pages if successful in the A/B test.

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