Taking enquiries to new heights with Inspiring Travel

Inspiring Travel is part of the ITC Travel Group, creating bespoke and luxury holidays that take its customer to iconic destinations. Evolved has worked with Inspiring Travel on its Conversation Rate Optimisation strategy since 2022.

Campaign Highlights
0 Increase in overall enquiries
0 Increase in mobile enquiries
0 Decrease in bounce rate

The Brief

Inspiring Travel’s contact form is the main conversion point on the website where users can indicate their interest in a particular destination and submit their contact details for an expert travel specialist to follow up and start curating their perfect luxury holiday.

We worked to enhance the level of enquiries coming through the contact form in terms of both quantity and quality.

The Approach

What we did:

  • Tracked and reviewed data on contact form errors.
  • Designed a wireframe of a multi-step contact form.
  • A/B tested the multi-step form against the original.

Creating the solution:

Inspiring Travel is all about ensuring customers have a truly bespoke holiday and personalised service. But, in contrast to the rest of the website – which is filled with beautiful imagery – the contact form was plain and static, simply asking users for their name, email, phone, and preferred destination.

We sought to design a more engaging, multi-step form which asks customers to provide more detail and insight into what would make their holiday perfect. We believed this would improve engagement with the form from a user perspective, as well as showcasing to users that Inspiring Travel takes a bespoke approach to every customer enquiry.

The new form contains three steps, each asking users for more information on their travel plans:

Step 1:

  • Preferred travel dates
  • Preferred length of stay
  • Chosen destination

Step 2:

  • Idea of budget
  • Passenger (adults, children, rooms needed)

Step 3:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Open text box to share more information on what would make their holiday luxurious

The new form was then A/B tested, which was live for 30 days – 50% of traffic to the contact form saw the redesigned version.

Overall, there was an increase in enquiries (+8%) and this was even stronger on mobile (+13%). The new form also eliminated leakage, reducing bounce rate by 6% and exit rate by 7%.

As well as driving quantity of leads, the sales team had glowing feedback on the quality of leads provided by the new form. Having more information from prospective customers has helped them in following up on enquiries and tailoring their follow up. It has also helped reduce the time spent chasing leads that are less serious.

The new form is now ready to launch – with further enhancements – ready for Inspiring Travel’s peak booking period!

Prior to working with Evolved we had struggled with different iterations of our contact form without much success. Evolved helped us not only design a better solution, but implement it, track its success and offer further refinements to be able to continue to optimise this key conversion page going forward. Since its gone live conversions have gone up, but more importantly as has the quality and detail of these leads. We’re extremely happy with our progress so far and look forward to further optimising our contact form and other key data capture forms going forward.

John Maddock, Web Development & Optimisation Manager ITC (Inspiring Travel)

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