Bagging success: A strategic SEO overhaul for Handbag Clinic

Handbag Clinic excels in restoring and caring for premium pre-owned designer handbags, offering services like cleaning, repairing, refurbishing, and authenticating.

Renowned for craftsmanship, skilled artisans use cutting-edge techniques, embracing sustainability with eco-friendly practices. The brand is dedicated to preserving the allure of luxury handbags, ensuring maintenance and enhancement, showcasing passion and expertise in every rejuvenated piece.

Campaign Highlights
0 Increase in organic keyword position 1-3
0 Growth in organic traffic over 16 months
0 Growth in Page 1 organic keywords
0 Increase in average organic traffic

The Brief

The Handbag Clinic first approached Evolved as they wanted to grow their organic traffic which would increase organic generated revenue and overall organic visibility. 

Upon conducting a thorough analysis of the Handbag Clinic’s current online presence, we identified key areas for improvement. This included optimising website content, refining keyword strategies, and enhancing overall search engine visibility.

Handbag Clinic wanted to continue being an established authoritative voice, so our main focus was to retain a loyal audience while simultaneously boosting organic visibility. To capture the target audience effectively, we conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-value and relevant search terms for onsite purposes within the handbag restoration industry.

Our Approach

We began working on the account by undergoing technical SEO, onsite content and CRO audits where we identified the main issues that were holding the site back from performing as well as it could. 

The main aspects targeted for SEO optimization of the Handbag Clinic brand involved a comprehensive evaluation. This included in-depth examinations such as technical and strategic audits, a review of site migration to guarantee smooth transitions, analysis of tracking process, assessment of content relevance and quality, a digital PR & link disavow audit, and a CRO analysis aimed at enhancing user journey and experience. Furthermore, a thorough strategy review, complete with forecasts and a business case, was carried out to align the SEO initiatives with the broader business objectives in mind.

Technical actions

We prioritised Handbag Clinic’s keyword targeting by reviewing key landing pages to ensure all metadata across them was unique, in line with brand ideology and accurately describing the page and service to maximise click-through rates.

To help improve and secure rankings we looked at internal linking structure and created additional anchor text based body links between related content. This helped search engines understand the connections between pages within the site’s hierarchical architecture, in turn increasing relevance whilst also improving rankings. In line with campaign KPIs, the navigational structure was also reviewed, formulating a comprehensive strategy focused on improving user experience and increasing conversion rate.

We analysed title tags and made relevant changes. Our technical team shortened applicable long title tags where necessary to prevent truncation, added context to short title tags where necessary and updated duplicate title tags to make sure they were unique.

Our technical team also performed keyword analysis where they conducted keyword research on individual handbag brands to spot gaps in their ranking positions that weren’t already being targeted from a designated landing page. This then led to URL structure alterations and subfolder additions to grow organic visibility and total reach within the used handbag market. 

Onsite Actions

Our Onsite Content team initially reviewed blogs and brand pages across the website, before optimising a series of content including guides and manufacturer pages to make sure they rank as well as possible.

We also provided writing training to the Handbag Clinic team on how to write blogs, guides, etc. for SEO purposes. The aim of this was to ensure any content being created for the website, whether from ourselves or in house would always perform with the maximum benefit for SEO.

The Results

Over a 2 year period, the Handbag Clinic has gone from strength to strength, embracing the power of SEO to gain valuable website traffic. 

The approach we took enabled the client to increase the total number of organic keywords by 96%, this includes an additional 2,678 page 1 positions. 886 of these were positions 1-3 which is an increase of 125% from campaign start to finish. 

The graph below shows where Evolved started working on Handbag Clinic’s website and the 110% increase in average organic traffic results thereafter.  

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