Revving up rankings: A strategic roadmap for CarMoney’s digital PR

CarMoney is one of the UK’s top car finance brokers providing impartial, transparent and efficient car finance. Part of the Peter Vardy Group, they work with the UK’s leading lenders to provide their customers with speedy finance acceptance with minimal hassle. With a commitment to serving a diverse customer base, including those with varying credit profiles, CarMoney has established itself as a trusted and customer-centric player in the automotive financing industry.

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The Brief

We were tasked with improving the backlink profile of the CarMoney website due to our existing great relationship with the Peter Vardy Group and proven experience in automotive SEO and digital PR.

CarMoney wanted to be recognised within their industry as one of the leading car finance brokers, so asked us to deliver a digital PR strategy that would position their expertise in front of their ideal audience, while providing their customers with engaging and relevant content. The objective of pitching this creative content to fitting publications was to gain high-quality links and strengthen the CarMoney backlink profile.

The CarMoney team also put us to work on their Australian website, asking us to develop a similar strategy for this, to ensure they are a recognisable brand in that country.

Our Approach

Due to a lack of visibility, CarMoney needed strong backlinks not only from well-known general publications but also from relevant automotive publications to improve their authority. Because of this, we knew we needed to have a variety of techniques to acquire quality backlinks.

Our main focus during the campaign was to create data-led content marketing campaigns that were well-researched and well-made, designed to offer multiple angles. As an example of this, for one of our campaigns, we analysed search data and created a list of ‘The Most Googled Car Problems’ for the CarMoney website. This was outreached using multiple angles, including ‘a simple 20p trick that could save you a £2,500 fine’, which picked up 16 pieces of organic coverage.

Another campaign we ran was the ‘Crash Map’. Here we used freedom of information requests and data to compile a list of cities across the UK that had the most dangerous roads, based on the number of road traffic collisions. This gained great coverage from large publications like MSN, local publications like EdinburghNews, as well as automotive sites like Intelligent Instructor.

To supplement our content marketing campaigns, we also produced several reactive digital PR campaigns in response to related news events and industry trends. For instance, when the highway code was updated, we quickly jumped at the opportunity to respond with CarMoney expertise by providing journalists with ‘The most surprising updates that can land drivers fines or penalty points’, such as stopping after the white line at traffic lights and updates around mobile phone usage.

By utilising a range of techniques in our UK strategy, we were giving the client the best chance of being recognised and ranked as a leading industry expert.

Much like the UK strategy, after being tasked with gaining national and relevant coverage in Australia to quickly boost backlinks, we reangled a previous campaign and focused on relevant Australian publications to start building new links to that specific domain.

The Results

Across 7 months, we were able to secure 215 high-quality links and a number of citations for CarMoney, through a mixture of content marketing pieces and reactive digital PR campaigns.

We not only secured coverage on popular sites like, The Express and The Sun, but targeted automotive specialist publications to improve relevancy.

During the whole campaign, we secured over 430 backlinks to the CarMoney website, diversifying their backlink profile, showcasing them as industry experts, and gaining top-tier publication recognition. The links built had an average domain authority of 64 and an average trust flow of 40.

Our UK success positioned CarMoney on finance, automotive, and top-tier publications. These links align with the financial aspect of the automotive sector, helping CarMoney establish itself as an informed resource for budget-conscious drivers.

Campaign examples:

  • A successful campaign we delivered for CarMoney was the link-building strategy we implemented for their Car Finance Calculator. When we started building links to this page it ranked position 48 in November 2022, this was at its highest during that whole year. After implementing our link-building strategy to this page, in November 2023 the calculator ranked position 11, meaning we’d landed on page 1 of search engines!
  • One of our best proactive campaigns was ‘Items to not leave in your car in winter’, which gained 195 links. This piece allowed us to bring longevity to CarMoney’s strategy, as we could reangle the campaign during any cold weather spells.
  • Our proactive piece looking at ‘7 clothing items that could land you a £5k fine while driving’ also gained a whopping 150 links on tier 1 and regional publications, once again encompassing a finance element in the automotive sector.

Once CarMoney had been acknowledged as a credible source in the UK, we were also able to establish as an authority in financial discussions related to the Australian automotive market. We created campaigns and built links around trending topics in Australia, such as electric vehicles. Discussing this type of topic allowed us to diversify CarMoney’s content, demonstrating a holistic understanding of the automotive landscape beyond traditional fuel-based vehicles.

Each UK and Australian link built contributes uniquely to CarMoney’s backlink profile, offering a blend of financial insights, automotive expertise, and practical advice that collectively reinforce its position as a reputable authority in the automotive finance sector.

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