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Igniting outreach & digital PR for Bristol Street Motors

Part of Vertu Motors Group, Bristol Street Motors is a leading retailer of new and used cars and vans, representing 15 of the world’s major automotive manufacturers. The brand has a history stretching back over 100 years and local dealerships across the UK.

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The Brief

Bristol Street Motors faces intense competition in the SERPs from online car retailers, car manufacturers, reselling sites, and physical dealerships.

The brand wanted to grow its online presence, capturing its share of motorists who are becoming increasingly comfortable researching and buying a car online.

As part of our wider SEO work, we developed an outreach strategy that would grow the site’s authority and support the ranking performance of key category pages.

The Evolved approach:

Our outreach strategy ran alongside our ongoing content optimisation and technical SEO activity. To begin, we conducted a link audit which allowed us to identify Bristol Street Motors’ existing link profile in comparison to their key competitors.

From there, we were able to handpick the most important backlink gaps (sites which competitors feature on which Bristol Street Motors did not) to target. Our research showed a large proportion of these missing links were from regional and lifestyle sites, as well as a selection of key car publications.

Through our internal brainstorming sessions, we devised campaign ideas which would allow us to effectively target these backlink gaps, while also maintaining a presence within key automotive publications.

We created a mix of automotive-focused campaigns as well as campaigns that were linked more broadly to driving. We alternated between commentary-led and data-led campaigns complete with graphic and dev assets based on the type of content that was most suitable for the sites we were targeting.

Because many of the campaigns we created were evergreen, we were able to revisit them throughout, maximising the potential of the campaigns and allowing us to be reactive to emerging driving and automotive trends.

Campaign highlights:

Tier 1
coverage on Express, The Sun, Daily Record, and more
coverage on Autoevolution, Motor1, and HotCars

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