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In this Search Competitor Insight Report, we focus on the Bathrooms sector, one we have a heap of experience in thanks to our work with Tap Warehouse and Drench. We look in detail at key performance metrics across the sector.

Looking ahead, there are positive signs that consumer demand in the Bathroom sector will remain buoyant, driven by people and families looking to invest in their homes during this unprecedented time.

Year-on-year comparisons around the topic of Bathrooms shows search numbers have increased more than 20% vs. last year, with 2021 so far already showing record growth.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, data shows continuing to dominate results in the UK with their traffic value now standing in excess of the rest of the top five players’ combined.

Beyond the top spot, however, 2020 has produced some significant movement in Google Search with established businesses and relatively new websites both gaining and losing hundreds of thousands of monthly visits in monthly traffic as rankings have evolved.

This report gives a breakdown of the latest performance and looks to shed light on the underlying campaign performance which underpins that change. Within the document, you will find a number of sections covering metrics around competitor’s onsite qualities and how they are progressing in terms of quality and quantity.

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