RankBrain’s Potential Effect on Paid Search Campaigns

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A few weeks ago, Google announced that it would be improving its Dynamic Search Ads, making targeting more precise and relevant than ever before, “rolling out improvements to DSA campaigns to ensure your ads show for more relevant searches and result in better performance.”

Google hinted at the use of RankBrain artificial intelligence, which uses machine learning to analyse query intent. They said that an ad pointing to “a landing page about iced coffee makers will be less likely to show for less relevant searches like ‘iced coffee’.”

This is unconfirmed, however previous analysis of RankBrain has focused on how it assesses organic relevance, with some of the focus shifting over how this AI impacts the paid section of the search results.

When it comes to paid search, the advertiser provides the website they want to drive traffic to, with Google analysing the page and creating an ad campaign based on the perceived content on those pages. The advertiser then adjusts the campaign to fit their goals.

One way to adjust these campaigns is using negative keywords – these negative keywords could give RankBrain feedback from millions of advertisers with millions of pages of content, vastly improving the AI’s ability to provide more precise ad targeting. RankBrain will become more powerful when it learns what is and isn’t acceptable to certain advertisers, both at query level and based on site content.

How does this affect advertisers?

This means if you haven’t already been studying SEO processes and using best practices when building landing pages, it’s time to start. Landing pages focused on a specific theme, which adequately communicate that theme as close to the top of the page as possible will be more important than ever.

As an advertiser, RankBrain essentially gives more leeway to help Google hone in on what your page is about. When you give Google a clear sense of what you’re providing, it will better help you reach the right audience.

The benefits to advertisers could extend beyond Dynamic Search Ads. Thee insight that RankBrain gets from landing pages and keyword targets can be applied at a basic level to other AdWords search auctions. This can help advertisers reach conversion-ready queries and increase click-through-rate, allowing ad spend to be used better.

To ready landing pages for RankBrain, you need to understand your audience, give pages clear, unique themes and use alternate keyword variations that still relate to the page theme throughout the copy.

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