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Evolved Search - our rebrand, revealed. Image of Evolved Search new branding.

You might have noticed something’s different around here.  We’re more than a little bit excited to be revealing our long-awaited rebrand, including a shift in name from Evolved Digital to Evolved Search. Rather than change everything and leave our clients, partners and industry friends wondering who on Earth these new “Evolved Search” folk are, we wanted to pull together a post to explain why we’ve changed and what this means for the future of our business.

So, why the switch?

When we set up just under four years ago as Evolved Digital, we were more focused on our clients than on our own branding. Both company Directors brought with them experience from other digital agencies, so it seemed logical at the time that we’d be another digital agency. Except, as we found out, we aren’t just another digital agency.

Search is our true area of expertise, our passion, our future and the lifeblood of every campaign we manage.

We have worked in the industry during a period of great change, with major Penguin and Panda updates both rolling out in 2014. SEO didn’t exactly have the best reputation back then, with Black Hat tactics and over-zealous link purchasing making it a pretty murky industry. Google began rewarding sites producing great content with better rankings, and started penalising those who produced and promoted weak, spammy content. A level playing field, allowing those businesses truly committed to being useful to their potential customers to take their rightful place in the search results.

From the start, we set out to do something better… an evolved service, operating to Google best practice and promoting great content, strong technical foundations and budget in the right places, as a way for our clients to get ahead. In doing so, we developed our own approach to Search campaigns; intelligently using data, creativity and effective outreach to deliver results for our clients. We’ve been honoured to pick up some awards along the way, thanks to this approach, and continue to work with great brands on a long-term basis, which is even better testament to what we do.

Changing to Evolved Search is about telling the industry, our clients and our prospects exactly what we’re about: an evolved approach to Search Engine Marketing.

What’s next at Evolved Search?

Firstly, we want to share our expertise on all things Search with our clients and future clients, so expect more interesting, thought-provoking and actionable insights on the site going forward.

Second, our growth is set to continue – 2017 and 2018 so far have been huge years for us as a business, and our expertise in Search has allowed us to win some amazing new clients. In turn, this has allowed us to grow the team, send our experts off to amazing industry events to facilitate their learning and professional growth, and expand our Newcastle-based office two-fold! We’ve also added a new Director to the business in Tom Etherington, previously our Head of Search, who has hit the ground running in his new position as Organic Search Director.

There’ll also be some big surprises along the way, which we can’t reveal right now (typical, we know!), but we’ll be sharing details of here and on our LinkedIn and Twitter feeds in due course.

Finally, we’ll be releasing more of our latest case studies, celebrating the results we’ve helped our clients to achieve and the hard work that’s gone into each campaign by each member of the Evolved Search team.

It’s this combination of expertise, investment and going BIG in our approach to Search that we believe will propel us to become one of the UK’s leading Search agencies.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey!

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