1 Billion More to get Accelerated Mobile Pages


Google’s AMP Conference is being held in New York this week and big news has emerged that the mobile framework is set to be adopted by Chinese search engines Baidu and Sogou and Yahoo Japan, meaning it will be rolled out to a potential billion more people in Asia.

David Besbris, AMP Lead and Google’s VP of search gave the morning keynote address on Tuesday. The addition of these key distribution platforms represents a major step for the open source project which launched in October 2015.

More than 10,000 developers have contributed code to the hundreds of millions of AMP-enabled documents, across the globe and current content publishers and e-commerce companies using Accelerated Mobile Pages include Bing, eBay, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress and many more.

US publishers now see 7% of their traffic through AMP pages and report greater user engagement along with more time on-site, according to Adobe.  Not surprising as Besbris confirmed there are now 1.7 billion AMP pages, with 35 million new pages being added per week and 860,000 domains using AMP around the world.

Despite the climb is use, Google has confirmed that, although page speed is a ranking factor, AMP is not. But, Google will serve an AMP page over a conventional one, even if they are identical.

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